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When I signed up to take my Internet and Social Media Marketing class at Cincinnati Christian University, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

I thought we were going to learn about twitter, Facebook, and blogging, of course. But I didn’t know the heart of the course was going to be about blogging.

I did learn a lot, and I did have some questions beforehand that were answered as time went on.

8 Questions I Wished I Had Answers to Before I Started Blogging

1.How often do I have to blog?

According to my Professor, Bill Belew, you have to spend hours per day writing blog posts and hitting the publish button.

Before beginning to blog, I had no idea that it took that much commitment and consistency.

You really have to love writing and love being on your computer to do that.

2. How long do blog posts have to be?

Belew said they don’t have to be long at all. I was surprised when he said they only have to be 250 words. For longer posts, 800 words is getting rather much.

That piece of information was definitely encouraging to hear. I also agreed with it. I am much more likely to read a short, to the point post than a long, complex post.

3. Is it okay to get behind?

I learned that getting behind has a severe impact on how much traffic you get on your site.

The more you write, the more likely people will find your website.

4. Does the content have to be good?

As long as you’re writing about things people care for, it doesn’t have to be scholarly writing. Just make it easy to read.

5. What else should be included in my blog posts?

I learned that you should have at least one internal link (a link to one of your other relevant posts) and at least one external link (a link that takes readers elsewhere).

Doing that increases your credibility.

Also, have at least one relevant picture as most people would rather interpret pictures than read a bunch of text.

6. Is it bad to write more than one article on the same topic?

NOT AT ALL! Writing a series on one topic or writing the same exact thing but with an expansion is a good thing. It gets more of your blog posts out there and it gives you room to adjust your thoughts.

7. What else can you do with these blog posts?

Blog posts don’t have to remain blog posts. You can get them formatted into an actual book with page numbers!

I’m definitely going to keep that in mind for when I begin to write my book.

8. Is it bad to use Facebook and Twitter?

No, it’s not bad. But it won’t get nearly as many organic results as writing blog posts does.

Get Readers to Come to You

The ultimate goal in writing is to get people to come to you. You do this through writing consistently and about topics people are searching for.

For more writing advice, visit Bill Belew’s website and forum.