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Basic Blog Questions & Answers

Basic Blog Questions & Answers

Blogging was a foreign concept to me at first. I was used to writing lengthy business papers for college. Therefore, probably the most important answer I wish I had known was:

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1. How long should a blog post be?

If you have not noticed people’s attention spans are extremely short these days. No one likes to take the time to read every detail of an article, instead they skim it.

If you can get your point across quickly and concisely, then the shorter the better.

2. How should a blog be formatted?

The answer to this question also went along with the short attention span theme. You need to make your paragraphs short and the lines easy to follow along with. Most people are accessing articles from their phones so formatting paragraphs that are easy to read on a cell phone screen is best.

3. Should I include any graphics in the blog?

Most likely the answer is always yes. Without them, the article almost looks plain boring. However, not too many that it distracts the reader. A good rule of thumb is one picture for every 250 words.

4. How many blog posts should I write a week?

It depends on what you are writing for, but if it is to grow a business then your content should constantly being uploaded to retrieve traffic. Writing multiple posts daily is ideal until you have established your business a bit then I would write one or two week just to keep your content current.

5. Should there be a theme or certain topic I consistently write about in the blog?

The answer to this also varies. However, most of the time I would imagine that there will be an overarching theme. For an example, if you are writing for a consultant company I would always post content that refers to business topics. I would not write about your favorite vacation place or anything like

I would not write about your favorite vacation place or anything like that, but you could right about how to get clients, how to spruce up your website or anything pertaining to business.