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Christian Church Preachers Time Management

Christian Church Preachers Time Management

When summer hits after a tough season in the ministry, it is easy to feel yourself go into a lull of unproductivity.  This is especially true for the Christian church preacher who might be used to having outside motivations to get things done.  The pastor may have a mental list of things they want to get done after the tough ministry season is over.  However, he or she sadly realizes that since there is no external push, it is hard to actually get anything complete.

Well…the good news is that the summer is still young.  Below are some tips for getting your summer to a great, productive start amidst some well-deserved downtime.

1. Make lists and schedule deadlines.

I am fortunate to own quite a few fancy to-do sticky note pads that I have yet to utilize.  I also recently bought a planner.  I will probably schedule deadlines in order to get things done.

2. Have an accountability partner.

Find a running buddy or a mentor that will meet with you to make sure you lug a certain number of miles or get that non-profit proposal drafted.  This can also ease anxiety to know someone is there to support you.

3. Go to bed at a regular time every night.

If you can afford to do this over the summer, then take advantage of it.  Chances are that this will translate to better sleeping habits during the school year.

 4. Don’t overflow your schedule.

This will make sure you are making quality impact in an internship or volunteering position.  Also, you want to make time for those life-changing conversations that can happen organically….if you don’t have to cut it off to be on time for your next engagement.

Delivering quality over quantity will make you feel you had more of an impact.

5. Develop a new skill.

This does not have to be a completely new skill.  It can be something you are weaker at and have less time to address during the school year (i.e. reading the Bible purely for devotional).

For example, people who struggle with public speaking can join a local public speaking group such as Toastmasters.

If you have time to kill this summer or if you just need something to make you feel empowered with your time, please always feel free to worship with us at the Inbound Church <–Click!