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Earlier this semester, I wrote a post about blogging rhythm and habits after I didn’t like mine.  It is something I still need to really grow in.

Basically…. I don’t have the best habits.  There are times when I should have definitely chosen to rest first instead of blogging.  If you have read any of my posts about Alexander Technique, you know that AT is all about recognizing the choice to inhibit bad habits.

Super Blogging Preacher

Super Blogging Preacher

Some ways that I wish I would have blogged better.

1. Doing posts more on a daily basis rather than writing several posts in a string of 2 or 3 days.

I got better at this at the end of the semester.  However, this will be something that I will continuously work on for future blogs.

If I am going to crank out a few posts consecutively, I should get them cranked out early rather than right before a deadline.

I tend to gain energy when I realize I am getting something done ahead of time.  I tend to lose energy and take longer to do the same task if I do it more closer to the deadline.

2. Choosing to blog over sleep even when I was not as productive.

If you have read my article about sleep, you are probably thinking: this person is a hypocrite.  I had a couple nights where I stayed up late writing even when things were not flowing as well.

Looking back, I could have probably completed the article in less time had I taken that nap and then proceeded to type.  Sometimes, I am just too stubborn.

Ways to Improve in the Future

1.  I should take a nap before posting or even do constructive rest.  This also prevents me from rambling, which I do when I am tired. (I am an external processor.)

2. I will definitely set a time limit on how long I can work on a post at one time.  That will force me to be productive and encourage the adrenaline to start pumping.

3. If I ever do this professionally, I will probably utilize an editorial calendar.  Here is a great editorial content template you can download for free, courtesy of KBK Communications.

4. I will probably always blog at night.  I think I have a better sense of urgency to get things done then.  Also, I blog better after I have practiced piano.  It seems to clear my brain when I have a lot of written assignments for other classes.

If you have any insights about these posts, please comment below.  Please keep worshipping with us at the Inbound Church <–Click!  God bless :).