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I get asked this question a lot: How long should posts be when updating your church web site?

As an example a few days back I got an email – “Watched some stuff from XXXXX where he’s talking 2200 word posts which I think is crazy.”

How to Grow Your Church

How to Grow Your Church

Here’s my response (clarified a bit)-

2200 word pages may get found more often but they do NOT get more read.

What Happens When People Search for Church Web Site

Step 1 – click on the search result,

Step 2 – scroll down to see how long it will take to read the post.

Step 3 – too long – back out.

People are looking for an answer to their question. They do not want the history of why people might ask that question and the six variations of alternative philosophies for answering questions and then 5 answers they can choose from.

Short and Frequent Will Beat Long and Seldom

Yes … 200-250 word posts posted more frequently will out-perform 1 2200 word post. My data is from recent clients … not old data.

It’s foolish for anyone to think a 2200-word answer to a 200-word question is better just because it is longer. Nor is a 200-word answer adequate if it requires 2200-words to satisfy the query.

The real test of a good post is to:

  • satisfy the query
  • get readers to stay on your site.
  • get them to turn the pages.
  • get them to pick up the phone and call, or give you an email for a download, or just leave a comment.

Forget Social Proof in the Beginning

Too many people also put social share buttons on their sites because they think, unrealistically, that everything they write is worth sharing. It’s not. Going for social proof, they show the opposite – nobody cared enough to share.

How to Win in Search for Your Church Site

  1. Write good stuff.
  2. Answer real questions.
  3. Give valuable info.
  4. Rinse.
  5. Repeat.

How often? The simple answer – if you want more people to come to your site, give them more reasons to come. Not better reasons. You can work on better when you have an audience. In the beginning you are trying to gain an audience. More will beat better when trying to attract an audience. Better will beat more AFTER you have an audience. But never sacrifice quality. Quality = give people something worth visiting your site for.

I hope this helps.

Ask me in the comments to help you with your church website.