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I just got back from Indiana. My daughter and I went back to visit family.

Idyllic Country Church

While there I was asked to speak at a country church where my brother worships … seriously country church, way back in the literal corn fields country church.

Concord Community Church, Patriot, IN - Country, Idyllic Location

Concord Community Church, Patriot, IN

It didn’t take long for us to get on the topic of church growth … evangelism. It’s where my heart is. And every preacher wishes there were more people in the seats. Or at least they should.

Face to Face Evangelism vs Online Church Marketing

I believe in face to face evangelism. Of course, I do. But I also understand the dynamic power of the online world, and how the church can benefit from social media and the social networks.

An online presence for the church is NOT the end game. Building and online presence is just part of the effort. The end game is when people walk through the doors of the church and into the Kingdom of God. Perhaps not on the same day.

First Step for Any Church Going Online

First step – build a website that is self-hosted, that belongs to the church. Not on Facebook, or any other free platform – Weebly, Wix, Squarespace, Tumblr and the like.

Building a presence on one of these free platforms is equivalent to setting up your lemonade stand in someone else’s front yard. It’s cute in the beginning but gets tiresome pretty soon thereafter.

The church needs:

  • it’s own domain name
  • the ability to make changes to its website painlessly
  • to have control over where its content is hosted.

I set up a simple WordPress, self-hosted web site for the Concord Community Church in Patriot, IN.  I changed the image. It really is this church. And I added the address and times of worship. I went to the settings to add the name of the church and a tagline that I made up. The church can change it later.

I know, I know. It needs about pages and pastor profiles and such. But … first things first … the church needed a web site, a place online that this local church could call its own. Only then can or should it add all the other particulars.

Concord Community Church in Patriot, IN has a place online now that it can call its own.

What comes next?

I’ll answer that in the next post.