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The church is stuck. I find it remarkable that so many churches are still somewhat clueless about social networks and communicating via social media. But perhaps I shouldn’t be so hard on my brothers and sisters. Or should I?

The church has always been slow to adapt.  I can remember a book I was assigned to read during my Bible College days more than 40 years ago – “7 Last Words of the Church – We Have Never Done It That Way Before.”

WARNING — 7 questions to follow

  1. Shouldn’t the world change its ways to adapt to the teaching of the Bible rather than local churches and
    Questions for Local Churches Going Online

    Questions for Local Churches Going Online

    missionaries change their ways?

  2. Why can’t local churches and missionaries just preach about Jesus and watch the magic happen?
  3. Has the Bible lost its effectiveness, its relevance? Is the church out of touch in the 21st century?
  4. Is it possible that Jesus did not foresee the presence of a virtual world?
  5. When Jesus said to “Go into all the world to … ” is it reasonable for us to think that he meant only the physical world? Well … because there was no online world for the local church to be concerned with.
  6. Are we on our own with how to go about engaging with people online, virtually? Where the Bible is silent …
  7. Is the online space perhaps a passing fad of some sort and what the local church and missionaries should do is carry on … business as usual?

My answer to these questions

My answer, in part, is this blog.

The church certainly should be in the online virtual world.

What the church should be doing in social media and how it should be going about those activities will depend on the strengths of the local church who has figured out they’d better do something.

A Lesson for Local Churches from an Online University

I taught for University of Phoenix for nearly a decade … online. We learned very early on:

  • we could go much deeper with more people in an online format than we could in a large physical classroom filled with many people and one person up front.
  • There were more personal exchanges between the teacher, me, and my individual students than I ever had in a physical classroom. And , there were more exchanges student to student.

Put 20 people in a room and 16 will watch what the other 4 do versus put those same 20 people in a virtual room and a lot more engagement happens.

What’s the End Game of the Church?

The end game, of course is for the church to be able to:

  1. count how many people they have gathered on a Sunday morning
  2. have a lot of small groups throughout the week
  3. be able to have enough of an offering to support their missions.  NOT!


The purpose of the local church is to be engaged in equipping one another to love God and love their neighbors day in and day out and seeing that it is carried out.

Loving God, loving our neighbors is what the local church and missionaries do. This mission can and should be carried out online as well as in the physical world.

Surely when Jesus said for us to go into all the world, he foresaw the virtual world as well.

What say you?