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I am quite curious to know how many churches in the Restoration Movement can be reached by email, that is the church has an email address that is active AND someone opens it AND someone reads it.

The Restoration Movement consists of independent Christian Churches and Churches of Christ.

Scrub a Church Email List

Scrub a Church Email List

How to Create an Active Email List of Pastors and Churches

My staff and I are actively putting together a current email list of all the churches in the Restoration Movement starting with those listed in the Directory of the Ministry 2017.  If a church is NOT in the DOM … then we will move to plan B.
Some folks might have an interest in being able to connect with churches and pastors who read their emails and are active online.
My aim is to learn:
  • who is reachable
  • which churches have an online platform (starting with a web site) of some sort
  • which churches are active in a social network … probably but not limited to Facebook.
  • who opens their email
  • how many of the email addresses are dead ends – bounced

How Many Emails Get Read by Churches and Pastors?

  • There are 3701 churches and pastors in the DOM … 3017 of them have email addresses.  81.5%
  • We have emailed out to 1628 of the listed email addresses –  54%  (in the coming week we will email the rest … in batches so as to not overwhelm our email client)
  • Of those 1628 emails we get a 72.7% delivered rate. If this rate stays consistent we can estimate that of the 3017 emails … just 2,195 of the emails are actually any good … Or 59.3% of churches in the DOM can be reached by email … if we get 100% open and read rate … which we don’t.
  • Surprisingly … the church admins or pastors do open their emails more often than the industry average of 10-15% (depending on the industry).   We are getting an open rate of 33.2%.
All that to say … with a good (scrubbed) email list of 2,195 churches/pastors and an open rate of 33.2 % someone can expect to be able to reach the Restoration Movement churches in the DOM at a rate of 729 per good email.

Why Email Works … or Doesn’t

Email open rate numbers decline if the email content is not compelling … and grow if it is. Compelling being the key word.

We all have subscribed to receive emails from someone or somewhere AND we actually look forward to opening those emails up when they pop up in our email box.  That’s compelling.
Create this kind of content for pastors and churches … and they will likely want to receive and read your emails as well.
Have you ever wished you could have a bunch of pastors and churches read your emails?