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I am working with a pastor who is just getting started out online. Indeed there are folks with no online presence … yet.  Sadly, the church and pastors lag are a big group among the many who have yet to establish a vibrant online presence.

This pastor has posted twice. This two times more than … well 2 x 0 = 0, so I can’t say. Kudos to him for getting started.

How to Grow Your Church

How to Grow Your Church

Solid Content is NOT Enough for Search

He’s a very good writer. The content is solid. Original.

However, the first post is 630 words long. The second is 930 words long.

He asked me for feedback – Here’s what I wrote:

This post is 931 words long. That’s good and bad. If you have loyal readers who are waiting for you to publish something … this is good form.

Short and Many Will Beat Long and Few in …

If you are trying to build up a readership, attract real people via search engines, this length article will be a slog. It’s a grind to turn out 900-word articles day after day.
Good search articles are limited to abt 250 words, 1-minute reads and answer one question/concern.
When starting out online, and if your desire is to build up a readership and gain findability, short and many articles will far out perform long and seldom articles. I have published my findings at my site. You can click through to find the case study
I’d turn this article you wrote into 3 short ones or maybe even four short ones – add a short intro and outro and hit publish more often. You’ll get more visibility long term that way.
Once you have a serious readership … you can revert to long and deep.

If You Want More People to Come to Your Site …

The data is clear … if you want more people to come to your web site, give them more reasons to come.
A LOT of 600- to 900-word articles is NOT impossible, but it’s hard.
Answer this – how often do you find the answer to your search query in the 300-, 400-, 600-word section of a post?
If you are writing a long post it is NOT for search and readers … it’s just for readers.