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Question: Can the Christian church start from zero = no online presence and reach 100,000 real people in 6 months … or less?

How Do You Measure Real People on Your Web Site

Real people measured by:

  • organic visits (searched and found) – read that again. People came, not people were dragged in.
  • direct (visited and returned) – bookmarked and returned to
  • time spent on site – one minute (that’s 200+ words read)
  • pages viewed – more than 1 page viewed = content is good enough to turn the page.

Answer: A resounding yes. And I can prove it … almost.

How to Grow the Church's Online Reach

How to Grow the Church’s Online Reach

I haven’t done this with a group of Christians – I sure would like to try – but I have done this (gone from zero to 100,000 in 6 months) with a group of students.

What Are Critical Steps to Updating Your Church Site?

These students – their grades were on the line, followed the steps I outlined:

  • published daily – original content, multiple times daily when possible
  • maintained basic SEO principles – Good titles, images, captions, headers, ledes, links, post length
  • networked – linked to one another thru guest blogging when it made sense.

Imagine if we had a group of people, the church:

  1. who realized that people’s eternal situation was online and worked accordingly.
  2. who had a sense of urgency – he comes as a thief in the night, and worked accordingly.
  3. who produced original content on a regular basis, and worked accordingly.

The Church’s Vision is Too Small

The church can reach more than 100,000 people in less than 6 months … it just needs to do it.

Oh, it didn’t take 6 months. We got to 105,000 in 5 months … starting from zero.

Who in the church wants to reach the world … starting now?