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It is clear to me that there are a LOT of churches that don’t have their own web sites.

There are a LOT of businesses that still don’t. Earlier this year a survey found that 29% of small businesses still do NOT have a web site.

Percentage of Churches NOT Online

Hijacked Church Web Site

Hijacked Church Web Site

There will be a greater percentage of churches that are NOT online. I am getting close to learning just what percentage. I don’t know yet.

I learned one reason why churches don’t have their own website from this note from a pastor of a country church with no online presence.

He wrote, “Bill, I really appreciate your doing this for us.  It’s something we’ve needed for a long time.  As I may have said, before, we didn’t want to go with someone doing our website who wanted to tell us what to do with it or what to put on it, so I’m very thankful to have you there, because I know you’ll be looking after our best interests.”

The bold letters were put there by me.

Main Reason Why Churches Are NOT Online

FEAR … churches and pastors … and I reckon small businesses are afraid of web site builders.

These good people are afraid:

  • They will lose control of their site.
  • They will lose control of the content that is on their site.
  • That someone will hold them hostage for their sites.
  • They will be asked to do things (under the guise of its good for SEO) that they don’t understand
  • They will have to pay for what they don’t need because they don’t know better.

And all of these fears are legitimate … because it happens far too often that web builders take advantage of folks.

The Sleaze of Internet Marketing

In the online world … in internet marketing the premise is if you know something that somebody else doesn’t you can charge the unknowing ones for you to tell them.  It happens a lot … or lots of folks try to make it happen.

Small business owners and church pastors don’t have time to master the basics of getting online … charging them is fair game … but overcharging and taking advantage of their ignorance and capitalizing on their FEAR is uncool … and keeps a lot of them from getting online at all. That’s a problem for the church in particular.

If the church will go online, the church can disrupt the self-help industry. But first the church has to get started.

So … how much should a church be charged to bring their church online?

What do you say?