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It’s probably unimaginable how much time, effort and money has been spent by corporations, businesses and maybe even churches on coming up with a mission statement.

Time is spent on blogs doing the same … though probably not as much as the time spent by the groups mentioned above.

Church Website Tagline

Church Website Tagline

On a website or blog, however, it’s not called a mission statement, it’s called a tagline.

Churches Should Answer this Question

A church or website should be able to answer the question, “What is your website about?” in 10 words or less … avoiding as much as possible adjectives, adverbs, prepositions and articles. Avoid not eliminate. The tagline should make sense.

I don’t like my tagline here at Inbound Church, but it’s adequate for now. “How to Maximize Organic Search, Social Media Engagement for the Church.”

I am not worried about getting it just right. I can always change it … and most people do. After you have written a while you begin to find your focus.

Whenever I write something here at this site, I want to ask myself when I publish, will it contribute to the fulfillment of the tagline?

When a church has a website, those tasked with the upkeep up the site should know what the mission of the site is – what the tagline for the site is.

When Church Web Sites Lose Their Way

Absent a tagline, the admin or contributors to a church site can’t know if they are contributing to the mission of the site or if they are just doing something.

My daughter (9-years old) has a web site. It’s not a church related site, but it has a great tagline.

Example of Great Tagline

“Growing up and parenting bi-cultural Chinese-American children in Silicon Valley.”

Notice the many different combinations of search terms that could be written and still come upon her site.

  • Growing up in Silicon Valley.
  • Parenting Chinese-American children.

And so on.

Church websites should have taglines that are specific yet give them breadth.

  • Organic search for the church
  • Maximize church engagement
  • Social Media and the church

and so on.

What’s your church web site about?

Can you tell me in 10 words or less?