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This is a relatively small sample size. I get that. But the sample size is big enough for us to draw some conclusions and ask some questions.

I took this survey in a Facebook group (2500+ members) … and it can be deduced that the respondents are active enough online that they could easily enough collaborate with other preachers online if not in person.

But many/most of the pastors don’t, can’t, won’t or haven’t found the opportunity to collaborate with others … yet.

Preachers write sermons alone

Preachers write sermons in isolation

It’s been well documented that teams can outperform individuals. It’s also common sense.

Also, the more diverse the team the better, or at least, the more interesting the results.

A Case for Preachers Working Alone

Indeed there are exceptions – committees can definitely slow down progress. 😎 Imagine a committee writing a sermon.

Wouldn’t it make sense for preachers to try to find away to collaborate with other preachers in their area or online?

This post asks more questions than provides answers. Okay, I have no answer … yet. And, I haven’t come upon anyone who is providing a solution.

Find a Group of Friends to Play with and Bounce Ideas Off of

At one time, one of my favorite programs was CASTLE. The scenes where he played cards with his writer buddies left me envious of having a group of buddies to play with and bounce ideas off of one another.

No doubt some preachers can do this on the golf course. Not me. My ball is always way over there while everyone else is waiting and talking sermons on the green. 8-(

All this to say that there is a business opportunity here … or maybe a service opportunity … or both.

If you could hang out with other preachers once a week and do something fun while talking shop, would you?

I would.