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It’s a sad state of affairs that far too many pastors have to do something else to supplement their incomes.

Country versus City Churches

Country churches are too small to support a pastor full time. City churches are big enough, sort of, but the cost of living is too much and the preacher still has to do something else to make ends meet.

The goal, if a preacher must work elsewhere is to find work that will pay enough to make it worth their time.

Best Part-time Job for Pastors and Preachers

The best job would be one that pays well AND affords the preacher the opportunity to complement his/her church work.

Imagine getting paid to meet people for example.

Part-time jobs for Pastors

Part-time jobs for Pastors

Imagine getting paid to meet people in a service capacity where the pastor is allowed to interact, earn trust, freely speak of his/her mission in life.

Great Example of Part-time Job for Missionaries

When I was in Japan I taught English. People paid me to be my student. As part of our conversation classes we talked about our daily lives and weekend activities. No bait and switch. But I could freely talk about attending worship on the weekends, and engaging in personal Bible study during the week. That kind of thing.

I could also invite them to join me … which they sometimes did and other times were not interested.

15+ Part-time Jobs for Pastors

Some of these jobs overlap … but the reader can see the wide variety of jobs that preachers choose to make ends meet and to meet others to achieve a desired end.

Part time jobs for pastors

Part-time jobs for Pastors

What part-time job have you done in order to keep preaching?