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One of the most distinguishing characteristics of Jesus are his original thoughts and actions.

Nothing says Jesus more than the Golden Rule.

So in everything do to others what you would have them do unto you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.” Matt 7:12

Scaling the Golden Rule

Scaling the Golden Rule

I remember my first day in California. We had just come down from the highlands of Arizona and crossed the state border. I needed gas … for the car. 😎 . There was a sign on the wall behind the cashier.

“We Are Happy to Treat Others The Way We Are Treated”

Hmm … not the same.

The church has its challenges. We only have inroads on what is the best course of action in human relations. Admittedly we don’t get it right often enough and should take more flack when we don’t. We know better.

Tapping an Unlimited Power for Scaling the Golden Rule

The church does, however, still have within its power (Creator’s power is unlimited) to do good, to scale the Golden Rule.

To scale meaning: to grow disproportionately. To scale would be to double, or 3X or even 10X the reach or effectiveness of something … in this case the Golden Rule.

In this day and age when the largest taxi company has no taxis (Uber) and the largest hotel chain has no rooms (AirBnB).

The church should have the largest membership of any organization and have no walls.

The church should multiply the reach and effectiveness of the Golden Rule without the constraints of requiring adherents, the faithful, Christians, to make weekly appearances or multiple appearances during the week at some physical location.

Jesus Dispensed with Legalism Long Ago

For the critical I know Heb 10:25 (don’t forsake the assembly). Heb 10:25 is not a legalistic call to show up every time the doors of a building are open.

What’s Heb 10:24 say?  That’s what I am talking about here. But on a global reaching level. The church can do this.

/Church Begins to Scale the Golden Rule

One of the more effective steps to scaling the Golden Rule is for the church to build out its online presence and digital evangelistic efforts.

Every church should have a robust online presence that speaks to the needs its meets in its local community and missional outreach.

The church should be taking on the self-help industry and winning.

When people search for help with a need in their lives, instead of finding some self-proclaimed $197-self-help guru, the needy should be finding the church.

When the church becomes findable online … and indeed this is doable … :

  • the Golden Rule will scale
  • Jesus and his teaching will be lifted up
  • He will draw all people to himself

Start now. Leave a comment. I’ll tell you what to do.