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I posed a question in a couple of Facebook groups – one with 2500+ Restoration Movement preacher types and the other with 6700 Restoration Movement Member types.

Long Question: When I graduated Bible College in the 70s the RM churches had abt 1 million members.

Now, 40 years later, the membership is still abt 1 million members. In the meantime, US population has grown by 50%.

Organic growth of churches, kids get married and have kids and oldsters die off is supposed to be 25% every 10 years. RM membership should be 1.5 – 2 million by now. (US numbers).

Why aren’t the RM churches growing?

One answer garnered more votes than the all others in one group.

  1.  We are failing to make disciples who make disciples.

A 2nd big answer … maybe bigger was more blaming, in my opinion, than recognizing why.

2.  Society is increasingly secular and we are living in a post-Christian and anti-church society.

Satan is never stronger than the Gospel message.

This 3rd answer is also a shortcoming of the church.

3.  Restoration Movement Churches don’t focus on evangelism.

I suppose #3 and #1 are tied together. If the church is not focused on evangelism, the would-be disciple maker is not likely to think about how to make disciples who would make disciples = evangelism. Right?

RM Church Non-growth

RM Church Non-growth


Restoration Movement Churches Non-growth

Restoration Movement Churches Non-growth

Why do you think the Restoration Movement Church Membership isn’t growing?