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Pastors, Youth and Senior of Restoration Movement churches as well as non-RM churches get asked hard questions. Life questions.

I took a poll in a few groups to see what I could learn. An RM preachers group (2500+), RM members group (6700+) and a general Youth Pastors group 8300+.  I also have a personal email list of 1000+ RM pastors that I polled.

Hard Questions for Pastors

Q: What’s the hardest question you get asked?

A: Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people is the number one answer.

A: Why did God do this to me ties for top in the Youth Pastors group.

I asked for clarification on the “this” in “Why did God to this to me?”

This = make me ugly, disabled, attracted to the opposite sex, single.

That “this” would have not occurred to me. I think I am too detached from being young … but I will keep learning.

Hard Questions for Young People

Hard Questions for Young People

More Hard Questions for Pastors

What’s the hardest question get asked?

What’s the hardest question you have that you’d like an answer to?

Do you think there are answers to all the hard questions? Or do we need to take the good and the bad and the non-understood on faith sometimes?

How God Answers Hard Questions

God invites questions. He also invites us to:

  • sit
  • be quiet
  • read His word
  • be quieter
  • wait with a listening attitude

… and more often than not a Bible verse will come to mind that addresses the question we ask.

When no Bible verse comes to mind … we need to read more and keep asking. The answers are there IF we will read AND ask AND wait AND listen.

Oh. And there is not likely one answer fits all .. or the same as for you as for me.