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Have you ever tried karaoke singing and walked away hating the experience?

Not likely.

Fear is only as deep as the mind allows

What is it about the environment and atmosphere around karaoke that makes it so much fun?

The absence of fear of failure and judgment.

How does this help a church trying to reach the unchurched?

By creating an atmosphere where social connections evolve without judgment and fear. In the absence of judgment, trust grows. In the absence of fear, individuals are more receptive to the message and… more likely to return.

Here are 4 ideas how you can embrace a karaoke culture to foster better relationships at church:

  1. Create An Atmosphere Of Vibrancy

Be intentional about building a culture of vibrant energy.

Encourage humor in your messages – on and off the stage. Laughter is associated with positive memories. Although spiritual growth is a serious matter, focusing on the ‘life’ part of life-and-death is more engaging for visitors.

  1. Familiarity with Music

Sing for music and sing for your soul

Be open to playing secular music in your welcome foyer before and after a church service. It builds a sense of familiarity for a new person who has had low exposure to Christian music.

  1. Defer Judgment

The church is an expression of an all-accepting community. The central theme of the gospel is love. Accept people as they are without judgment. Avoid putting visitors on the spot by bringing up sensitive topics, like creation theories versus evolution.

  1. Value Community

A primary reason a non-believer walks into a church is to find community. Help them connect with others. Plan activities outside of the church. An evening of karaoke might just help build strong bonds among strangers.

A positive experience almost certainly guarantees a second visit. A karaoke culture builds the bridges required to make the transition for newcomers easier.