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Preserve Tradition vs Growth Mindset

Preserve Tradition vs Growth Mindset

In a recent survey of over 10,000 Restoration Movement pastors and members I learned some things about why they think RM churches are not growing.

Churches Don’t Grow

Restoration movement pastors and members think that churches:

  • are NOT at fault – society is winning the war – 29%
  • do not focus on evangelism -29%
  • fail to make disciples who make disciples – 22%

Brian Hughes of Horizon Christian Church in Valrico, FL weighed in.

Some Churches Prefer to Not Grow

“This is so interesting, and even more concerning.

The division over what’s to blame for the lack of growth in RM churches seems skewed toward a perceived principle over a real practice.

And we don’t consider the fact that just maybe it’s due to the fact that many RM churches have become so deeply rooted in select traditions, and unwilling to give up their personal preferences for the sake of making disciples.

Battle Over Preference NOT Doctrine

The biggest battles that I have experienced and witnessed in RM churches isn’t over doctrine, but over preference in practice.

And it appears that the single difference we witness in churches who are growing as opposed to those who are dying is a commitment to keeping things the way they have been, rather than a commitment to reaching the lost no matter the cost.

We continue to allow our personal preferences toward comfort and familiarity to stand in the way of the discomfort, sacrifice, and cost of making disciples.

Just a random opinion from a random guy. ”



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