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Having a social media presence is an integral part of building your church community. With creativity and persistence, social media can help increase visibility for your organization. Although Facebook and Twitter have a larger reach, tools like Instagram and Pinterest are not far behind in their potential impact.

Begin With A Social Media Strategy

Social media is where you find friends, gain followers and do business 😉

The first step is to create a social media strategy that generates conversations and engagement. Create a clear plan for your posts – a consistent ideology, content schedule, and guidelines for responding to comments.

What To Share On Your Social Media

  • Share your expertise but don’t make it all about your organization. Promote the work of others.
  • Make it practical. Useful content gets shared. Not everything needs to have a purpose – sometimes an encouraging quote is sufficient to make someone’s day better.
  • Keep it short, and to the point. Visuals build better engagement than wordy posts.
  • Avoid hot topics and long arguments. Engage with your followers by asking questions. Engage with your haters too, but avoid public disagreements.
  • Use the right hashtags to reach your target audience. Creating your own will create a diverse profile. Use a wide variety of hashtags in the initial days of your social media promotion.
  • When creating events, invite selectively. Don’t invite people to every single event, church service, and outreach activity. And, avoid personally tagging key leaders aggressively.

Use Your Social Media To Support The Larger Community

Show support for other organizations (church or otherwise) in your local community. Engage with them on your social media platforms and share events posted by other organizations.