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Questions for Local Churches Going Online

Questions for Local Churches Going Online

Most people start with an idea and jump right into implementing it. Like the latest social media application…

Social media has changed the pace and quality of our communication.

A church leader might be tempted to throw all their energy into multiple social media campaigns to attract new comers to the local church. It works for others, so why not give it a try and see how it goes for you?

Well… the only catch is that the very best are more methodical and deliberate.

Avoid falling into the trap of being lost in the crowd. Be methodical and deliberate with your social media strategy. Here are  4 simple questions to get your started…

4 Key Questions For Your Social Media Strategy

These 4 questions will help you create a more targeted approach, save time, identify risks, and ensure you’re moving in the right direction:

1. Who Does Your Local Church Need To Reach?

Who is your potential audience?

Be very specific and think beyond demographics. What is the mindset of your target audience?

To build the youth group at church, you might want to target a social media platform like Snapchat that is popular with teenagers.

2. Where Does Your Local Church Have The Biggest Reach?

Look for fishing holes.

Instead of signing up to all possible social media apps (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc.), pick the few that you know will have the biggest impact.

If you are more adept at creating short videos than engaging pictures, focus on YouTube more than on Pinterest.

3. What Are Their Biggest Problems People in Your Area Face?

Define the pain points of your target audience.

Avoid writing your social media posts (and sermons) in isolation. Get a good grip of the struggles your audience is facing.

Use real words and phrase and avoid being vague. When publishing on social media, your reach is far wider than your Sunday church crowd. On Google, look for the actual search phrases your audience would use (for example, “how to overcome loneliness,” if your target audience includes the 20-30s professional who travels frequently for work).

4. What Are The Solutions Your Local Church Can Offer?

Finally, after identifying the pain points for your target audience, HOW will you help solve their problems?

People are influenced by the right answers. If you can correctly identify pain points on social media and provide a quick answer, you have them hooked.