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Jesus might roll over in his grave if he knew there were folks like me that thought the restoration movement churches could do better if marketed correctly.

Except for one thing. Jesus is NOT in his grave. He rose from the dead, the most established event in history.  

Most Viral Event in History

He will resurrect… and he did

This single event was witnessed by just a few in the beginning and never more than 500 in just over a month and a half.

Yet the resurrection is now the most attested to event ever. Not a few people have for the past 2000+ years tried to convince others the resurrection did not happen. Still, more often than not they become believers, too.

Most viral events online have a short shelf life – think 72 hrs. Not the resurrection.

6 Questions on How Jesus Went Viral

  1. How did Jesus do that?
  2. How did he become the most talked about person ever? And not all flattery either.  
  3. What was it about this man and his less than humble beginnings that took him from obscurity to world recognition? And for so long?
  4. Can we marketers learn from Jesus?
  5. Did he strategize or was he just lucky?
  6. Did he go viral for the same reason most things go viral? Nobody really knows why things go viral.

How to Go Viral

What post should I do to get more likes and go viral?

Timing + circumstances mixed with luck = viral.

Problem with thinking Jesus was just lucky is that luck doesn’t usually endure, not for 2000 years anyway.

I aim to take a look at Jesus and his ministry to learn what characteristics he possessed that cause him to have an enduring worldwide influence.

I aim to ask myself some 4 questions:

  • Is there something I can learn from Jesus ministry?
  • Is there something I can do to be more like Jesus in his reach?
  • Is there something marketers can learn from Jesus?
  • Is there something the local church can learn from Jesus?

Most Fundamental Question for Local Church Marketers

It might even be worth your church leadership to ask at some point early on whether marketing is even necessary for your local church.

For me, the answer is a resounding, “Yes!”.

I think learning to market the local church and following through on this knowledge is a worthwhile endeavor. I will explain why in future posts.

For now, I plan to examine here at Inbound Church how Jesus did things. And I hope to see how we as individual Christians and the local church might apply that knowledge to get more folks in the door and into the Kingdom.

Would you be happy if more people came to your church?