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The single most important thing the local church can do is probably not what you think. Of course, leading people to a saving relationship with Christ is important … but that’s the end game, sort of. Getting ‘saved’ is actually the beginning of a relationship.  

Churches Must Know the Answer to Basic Marketing Question

There is something that the Restoration Movement local church must get right BEFORE people will want to know Jesus, BEFORE the church can encourage or lead people into a saving relationship.

Marketers know the answer to the question – “What is the most important thing the local church can do?”  

Jesus knew the answer to the question as well.

We find the answer very early on in Mark’s Gospel. In the first 10 words, depending on your translation.

I use the NIV – “The beginning of the good news about Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God,” Mark 1:1

See it?

What the Local Church Must Know to be Effective

I am the promised one. Were you?

Messiah is the word.  Messiah = promised one.

Jesus was the promised one. He was the one who would come to deliver everyone from their dilemma, sin.

That’s the answer … Jesus is/was the answer.  

The local church must be the answer for those who would attend.

The local church must solve a problem for visitors and non-church goers who happen upon them by invitation or by search.

What Did Ruth Peale Say?

If the church does not solve a problem for the visitor, then that church isn’t relevant.

Ruth Stafford Peale, wife of Norman Vincent is credited with first saying, “Find a need and fill it.” The local church must find a need that the folks in their vicinity have … and fill it.

Got a problem with <insert need>, your/our/this local church can <deliver a solution> it.

Every good marketer knows they must meet a need, provide a solution.

What Good Storytelling Does

Being the answer is fundamental and at the heart of good storytelling that:

  • reaches people
  • builds trust
  • earns the right to share more
  • converts

The local church must be a “deliverer” to the folks in their community. Only then will the local church earn the privilege of introducing the Deliverer.

Jesus Shows the Local Church How

Let me show you how it should be done

Jesus knew this. From the very beginning of his ministry, he was introduced as the problem solver for the people he would soon come in contact with.

It’s one thing, however, to claim to have or be the solution. It’s another thing to actually deliver. Jesus claimed and he delivered.

The local church should do the same. The local church should state well, on their website what problem they can solve, then deliver on that solution.

Then tell the community on their websites stories of how they delivered.

3 Steps to Local Church Growth

  1. Sow the seeds of the solution your local church can provide
  2. Water those seeds by telling/sharing testimonies.
  3. Watch God cause the growth.

It works. Jesus said it would work.