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Now that you have created an Instagram account for your church, the next step is to optimize the page.

Why should you optimize your page?

Help People Find Your Church On Instagram

Help People Find Your Church On Instagram

Optimizing makes the difference between Instagram users finding your page and the same users taking action, like following, engaging, and enquiring about your church.

Your profile should communicate your value proposition to the world in general and then specifically to your target audience. How can your ministry be professional and engaging in the Instagram world?

Here are three simple ways you can optimise your Church Instagram profile page:

Post A High Quality Profile Picture

A high quality profile picture shows who you are and represents your church. To keep it simple, use your Church logo and ensure that it is consistent across your online presence, so that people can easily recognise your organization.


Write A Short Bio That’s Reflective Of The Church’s Values

The bio is your chance to tell someone at a glance what you are about and why they should check out your church or ministry.

Your ,“This is me” section should be 2-3 sentences long and should include Who are you + What do you do + Your mission. Use language that speaks directly to your target audience.


Add A Link To The Church Website

The ohly way for you to easily direct traffic to your website is through the single web link Instagram allows you to post on your bio.

You may have seen other Instagram accounts promoting a product, with ‘link in bio,’ in the description. Rather than directing people to your homepage, use the link in your bio to direct traffic to a specific page. And keep changing the link to promote new outreach events at your church.