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The world has become a crowded space. “Stuff” to command the attention of people has become overwhelmingly prolific. A long ago friend of mine would say, “Good googey moogey!”

Too Many Questions to Start with for Local Church Marketing

Questions for Local Churches Going Online

Too many questions

How can the local church stand out?

  • Bigger sign?
  • Funnier sign?
  • Flashier sign?
  • Better band?
  • More programs?
  • Bigger?
  • Better?
  • More?
  • Can the church compete?
  • Does the church need to compete?
  • Should the church compete?

How did Jesus stand out? Were the circumstances just right for him? You know the fullness of time thing? Well maybe.

But Jesus still had to get up and get out and put one foot in front of the other and touch people where they were BEFORE they started coming to him.

How’d he do that? Can we learn from Jesus? Can the local church in turn learn something from 21st century marketing strategies and insights?

4 Reasons Why People Will Come to Church

There are 4 reasons why people go online. They are the same reasons people go to church.

People are looking for:

  1. Entertainment – something to keep them occupied
  2. Inspiration – something to keep them motivated
  3. Instruction – something to make them smarter
  4. Leadership – someone they respect and follow

If you don’t get the usefulness of that list of four, you are probably reading the wrong blog. You can leave and you won’t hurt my feelings or waste any more of your time.

Online Consumers Are Like Sheep …

About 90% of all people who go online in the US go online to consume.

They are passive. Baaa! They are looking for one of the 4 listed above or hoping something in that list magically comes to them.

That leaves 10% of folks online as creators of content for the other 90% to consume.

However, 90% of creators of content are just moving stuff around that someone else created –

  • news aggregators
  • commentators
  • restaters
  • 16 or 160 people telling me each in their own way that a hurricane is coming.

That leaves a very small minority of people online who are actually saying something original, something new.

Don’t Miss This Key Point for Local Churches to Standout

Your church can be what no other church in your area is.

Here is where the local church can stand out. The local church instead of imitating or regurgitating or aggregating what everyone else is doing can create something new.

Instead of going online and thinking who can I (our local church) be like, the church ought to strive to be the church everyone else is going online to be like.

Be The 1 Percent

If only 1% of the online population is doing anything new and the rest of the online population is looking to that 1% … the local church should strive to be that 1% online and in person that everyone else wants to be like.

Example? Instead of singing everyone else’s music, how about a church that creates their own? Think Hillsong for example. Yeah, I know. Everyone can’t be Hillsong.

Your church can be what no other church in your area is.

And Jesus … nobody was like Jesus. Jesus introduced the idea of the Kingdom of God coming to Earth. Jesus introduced parables …

“What is this? A new teaching …”

The local church should be the church others want to be like.

In that way, the church will distinguish itself in the local community.

What does your local church do that is new?