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The success of an organization’s mission is the result of a strong core.

A vibrant, thriving church community relies on the strong bonds between the leader and the core team.

A common strategy for churches is to focus on marketing their events to attract newcomers while ignoring the health of the core team.

When the focus shifts to building authentic relationships with the people who are responsible for carrying out the leader’s vision, growth is a natural consequence.

build authentic relationships

build strong relationships with your core team

As a pastor or leader of a church ministry, this is great news!

Reach out to new visitors who have an interest in your church but spend just as much time (if not more), on the people who are already a part of your church family. Fostering relationships with the latter group will highlight the benefits for an outsider who has a birds eye view on the overall health of your church community.

This type of approach has a strong focus on authenticity and relevance as opposed to a focus on the number of followers and numerical qualifiers. Things like church attendance, number of weekend services, social media followers tend to all fall in to place as a result of building authentic relationships with your core team.

Here are a few simple ideas that will help you grow your team:

  • Healthy teams socialize outside work. Invite your team to a bowling game, throw a party, watch a movie together or have a cookout on a Saturday afternoon.
  • Take church members out for coffee. Discuss their work challenges and check if your sermons are helping them during the week.
  • Regularly host get-to-know-people events at your church.