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Paul the apostle struggled with how much he could or should say about himself when he wrote to the Corinthians and compared himself to the ‘super apostles.’  2 Corinthians 11:5  

Jesus, on the other hand, did not ever have to lay out his credentials.

Something Margaret Thatcher said comes to mind, “Being a leader is like being a lady. If you have tell someone you are, you aren’t.”

Does the Church Need to Blow Its Own Horn?

Should we blow other peoples horns?

If we are good at what we do, should we, do we need to tell people? Shouldn’t it be obvious to them? In an ideal world, perhaps.

In this day and age of ‘fake news’ and outright lies, it may be an unfortunate state of affairs that we have to take the time to show people who we are, to demonstrate what we can do.

We often have to endure someone telling us about their accomplishments … in their attempt to establish themselves as credible, to gain our trust, to earn our business. Does the church need to do the same?

Or should it be obvious to your listeners, readers, visitors that you, your church is good at what it does?

Heart of Marketing the Local Church Correctly

At the heart of inbound marketing is being so good AND being so visible that people who are seeking out a solution to a problem they have and that your local church can solve for them that they find you.

Not you find them. They find you.

How Jesus Got Found

It didn’t take long for Jesus to find himself in the position where he had to escape the crowds because so many people were flocking to him. How’d he do that?

Jesus was humble. When he said, “Blessed are the meek.” everyone knew what he meant because they saw that characteristic in him.

At the very beginning of Jesus’ ministry we find him in line, waiting to get dunked. Mark 1:9

Imagine the Creator of the Universe resigned to visiting his creation so that they might be rescued from the problems they created.

Instead of the trumpets of angels (they’ll come later) he gets in line with everyone else and waits for his turn to step into the water and get dunked.

What kind of God does that? What kind of person does that?

What Church Members Should Do

Church Website Tagline

Please God, grow the church the way Jesus wanted it

A church made of humble people willing to get in line to be dunked is a church that will stand out.

A church that says we do music better, we do sermons better, we do small groups better, we do daycare better, we do (insert service in the building) better will see results. Good for them.

Local Churches Will Grow If …

However, a church made of up people who are willing to get out of the building and get in line to wait their turn to be served and to serve … maybe, just maybe this church is what people are really looking for.  

What does your church do well outside of its building?

We might not ever learn unless we try.