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I asked a group of preachers and pastors (2500+ strong) in an Independent Christian Church Ministers forum how old they were.

Not All Independents are Restoration Movement Churches

I suspect that not all the preachers/pastors in this group are from the Restoration Movement. Nor, by the title, of the Facebook group need they  be.

A lot of churches are now calling themselves independent and non-denominational.

Restoration Movement Preachers on Facebook

Restoration Movement Preachers on Facebook

It seems to me that the numbers would be skewed to younger folks. Younger being defined as younger than me (63).

Where’s all the Experienced Pastors

  • 51% of the group are millennials – 26-35
  • 40% of the Facebook Group respondents are in their prime. Prime is defined as the 40-60 to age group, the 3rd 20 years. Doing instead of learning. Doing instead of trying.
  • 9% are in the mentoring age – teaching instead of learning or doing … maybe even doing still.

I may be wrong but it seems to me that those who know … what works and what doesn’t work … should be hanging out more with those who are still learning or trying.  But in this Facebook group, the old-timers are out numbers 9 to 1.

How can we get more people hanging out with folks two times their age, half their age?

Old-timers Need to Get Involved

The problem as I see it is that old-timers are absent from the discussion.

How can we get more old-timers involved?

Got ideas?