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I was asked to present on Social Media for overseas missions and churches at a recent missionary convention in Illinois. God’s timing is remarkable … as usual.

A couple of weeks before the conference I was preparing for my weekly sermon. I was/am preaching through the Gospel of Mark.

Something in the Bible I Never Saw Before

Not only was the Bible passage I was studying that week spot on in its relevance, I found myself in a translation that I had NEVER used before.

How to Grow the Church's Online Reach

How to Grow the Church’s Online Reach

How’d I get there?

Stunned might not be too strong a word or an exaggeration at how well I thought that translation resonated with my preparation for the conference.

How does God do that? Just coincidence?

In my studies, I always use NIV for easy reading and NASB for accuracy.  I had a professor in Bible college who worked on the NIV translation committee. He used to tell us stories in Greek class about how they decided to translate passages.

NASB is clunky but accurate.

Preachers are Uncool Sometimes

But somehow, on this day, my Youversion App on my phone switched. I didn’t do it. I even think it’s uncool for preachers to search for a translation that they like (think the translation conveniently agrees with them), rather than stick to what they have been using all along.

Still, there I was in a translation that spoke directly to me and my preparation for the missionary convention. And I didn’t go looking for it. It came to me.

How does God do that?

The translation? MSG.  Easy reading. Even funny at times in its colloquialisms. On this day, for me, it was spot on.

What translations do you use? Why?