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That one word makes the difference between a vibrant church that is thriving and one that is barely sustaining itself.

Is your church growing or sustaining?

An online strategy grows the church

An online strategy grows the church

For some, the definition of growth is their church building bursting at its seams with members and for others, it could be a qualitative growth through discipleship. Wherever you fall in that spectrum, having an organized online presense is an essential part of your growth strategy.

A well-organized presence online draws people in by showing them what the church stands for and how simple it is to get involved.

Organized Online Presence Facilitates Local Church Growth

  • Website: Your church website is the best place to provide clarity on your values, vision, events, team, resources, and support available. Include information on weddings, funerals, baptisms, and rooms for hire. Showcasing your openness to the community raises your profile as a welcoming place for newcomers.
  • Email: Own your subscription list. Having access to the contact details of your members makes it easier to share email prayer bulletins, special events, and news from church. This is also an accessible and non-intrusive way of encouraging participation and to welcome newcomers.
  • Social Media: Communities on facebook are always open for dialogue. Churches can use platforms like Instagram, which are perfect for sharing stories and reaching people who have limited exposure to kingdom culture.

People don’t have to be in your church building for a multi-sensory experience of what life is like as part of the church community. With the use of videos, audio, pictures, and words, churches are enabled by technology to communicate their message directly to those who need it.

Use this profound opportunity to be a blessing to the community you are in, to build relationships with a wider range of people and to extend the message of the gospel.