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It is tough for churches to make progress.

Progress even seems to be a bad word, or at least the root of a bad word – progressive – in otherwise self-proclaimed conservative churches.

Restoration Movement Self Image

Restoration Movement churches want to be thought of as:

  • being conservative
  • being steadfast
  • adhering to Scriptures
  • grounded in New Testament principles
  • following apostolic precedent

Good luck with that.

Millennial vs Boomer

Millennial vs Boomer

3 surveys in 3 different active Facebook groups.

  1. A group of Independent Christian Church preachers/pastors – 2500+ members.
  2. A group of Christian Church and Church of Christ members – 6700+ members.
  3. A group of all-comer youth pastors of 8700+ members.

The first two groups had a pretty good age spread, but leaned a bit toward the 35-year old and under. But the 36 and up were well represented as well.

The 3rd group leaned heavily toward the 35 and under bunch. The age, 35- and under, is somewhat arbitrary. However, it is generally considered to be the upper age in the millennial group … for what that’s worth.

Boomers vs Millennials

Who’s mind is harder to change?

  1. The old guy/gal who knows everything.
  2. The young guy/gal who knows everything.

The overwhelming response by a 5:1 ratio in ALL the groups is that it’s the old guy/gal who doesn’t want to change their mind.

Typical Boomer and Millennial Conversation

Old guy says, “Those dang youngsters think they know everything. They haven’t ….yet. No wonder we can’t get anything done.”

Young guy says, “Those old farts. Why can’t they be open to something new? No wonder we can’t get anything done.”​

The end result is the church doesn’t get anything done.

What Would Jesus Say?

When Jesus preached “The time has come” he was ushering in a new era of the way things should be done. And he was under 35 … probably.

I don’t think every idea by someone under 35 is a good idea. Gosh, many of them might be downright bad.

I also don’t want to think that I am the one who is holding up what might be a good idea that I hadn’t thought of previously.

What I do know is that the youngsters realize that it’s us oldsters who have our heels dug in. And not a few of us oldsters realize that abt ourselves as well.

Maybe “the time has come” for us old guys to listen more.