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Building a strong landing page is a crucial step in building the right digital marketing strategy for your church.

The landing page of your website

Make a great first impression!

The design and usability of a landing page determines the engagement from potential members. A good design prevents visitors from clicking away from your site. A poor interface causes instant loss of interest and visitors are unlikely to read the content on your page.

Clear The Clutter On Your Landing Page

Make your landing page easy to navigate. A professional looking landing page will be associate with professionalism.

Make Your Landing Page Functional

Having a landing page that is functional across all platforms and devices is crucial for engagement.

As more people switch to mobile devices and tablets to access the internet, it becomes important for your landing page to be multi device-friendly. Otherwise, users on a mobile device may find it difficult to read the content, causing them to stop browsing through your site.

Write Useful Content On The Landing Page

Write content that is useful for visitors on your landing page. Include descriptions of your church and a link to a regularly updated blog. Demonstrate competence and professionalism by checking the grammar and formation of sentences. This could be the impactful first impression that encourages a newcomer to visit your church.

Well-written blog posts, especially listing recent sermons will likely give people more reason to visit your landing page.

Your digital marketing strategy is going to be more successful with a professional, organized and user-friendly landing page.