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Psychology teaches us that a habit is formed the quickest through pleasurable experiences.

People are quicker to adopt a new habit if they enjoy the initial few experiences. A first-time visitor to your church is likely to return if their first visit was a pleasurable experience.

Is your church providing an engaging and enjoyable experience for newcomers?

Create a memorable church experience

Create a memorable church experience

Here are 3 practical ways to make the first-time visit for a guest a memorable experience:

Engage Guests BEFORE They Walk Into Your Church Building

Before arriving at your church campus, a newcomer has already looked online for indications of what to expect when they visit.

Does your church website welcome and engage with guests? Is it easy to navigate through the information? Is the address and Google map link accurate?

Think through the questions a guest will likely have when shopping for a church online.

Posting a short video with a brief welcome from the pastor is a great way to engage with guests before they experience the real thing.

Avoid Putting Guests On The Spot During Church Service

There’s a fine line between acknowledging visitors and putting them on the spot. Avoid singling them out, it can be an embarrassing experience for most people.

Just like in high school, hardly anybody likes to stand out. So, avoid general advice on identifying guests and be subtle in helping the hosts connect with guests.


Personal Touches When Following-Up With Church Visitors

When following-up with a newcomer at church, make it as personal as possible. A personal hand-written note or personalized email to thank them for visiting has far greater impact than a generic email-list kind of approach.

How about a phone call to answer any questions they might have had about their experience at church? Just make sure you are not pushing or leading them to come back. Any attempts at being intrusive will not be welcome.