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I mentioned in a previous post about preparing for a presentation at a missionary convention.

My topic was Social Media and the Church. Taking advantage of online platforms and social networks.

How to Create an Inbound Marketing Strategy

Did Jesus market himself?

My own strategy for online marketing, er, digital evangelism is a combination of having spent nearly 20 years in Japan, 5+ years in the US Navy and having been a Christian since before I turned 20, 40+ years ago.

I often discuss with the young people I preach to weekly the integration of faith and the workplace. Even before the WWJD bracelets I always ask myself what Jesus would do in certain business situations.

I also ask myself, “How would Jesus do content marketing?” as well.

We can read in the Bible that “great crowds came to Him.”

That’s the goal of inbound marketing. Crowds … coming.

I often asked myself, “How did Jesus do that?” That = get the crowds do come to him.

How Jesus Did Inbound Marketing

I know the answer. Or at least part of the answer.

If miracles were the only way to get people, we are at a serious disadvantage.

Jesus didn’t just use his superpowers to attract people. Though people were attracted to him and did indeed come to see him perform a sign. Miracles were not Jesus’ only means. Nor were they his best.

Was there something that Jesus did that we can imitate 2000 years later to get similar results?

The answer is a resounding, “Yes.”

And we find the answer in Peter’s Gospel account, as recorded by his son/nephew Mark.

He went back to teaching by the sea. A crowd built up to such a great size that he had to get into an offshore boat, using the boat as a pulpit as the people pushed to the water’s edge. He taught by using stories, many stories.”

Jesus’ Secret Marketing Sauce

How to Grow the Church's Online Reach

How to Grow the Church’s Online Reach

Jesus taught by using stories. Many stories.

At the heart of content marketing is stories. At the very heart of inbound marketing is many stories.

If you want more people to come to you, your website, your online platform, give them more reasons to come. Simple as that.

Jesus was a master storyteller. His stories resonated more than his miracles.  

Inbound Marketing Strategy That Works

  • Tell stories that resonate = solve problems for people
  • Tell a lot of stories = same/different from various perspectives
  • Tell them well = quality is quantifiable
  • Tell them often = Jesus was ‘never without a story.’
  • Keep telling them = don’t give up.

In future posts, I want to dive more into Mark 4.

I will share with you Jesus’ strategy for storytelling to get results beyond our wildest dreams.  Really.