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Come Lord Jesus

Come Lord Jesus

Restoration Movement churches are not the only ones, to be sure.

Still, I think we (Restoration Movement and other denominations) might have the definition of church backwards.

Para-church vs Church Activities

We spend far too much time and money trying to get people to gather on Sunday for a few hours. Shouldn’t we rather instead be focused on getting them to scatter/serve Christ throughout the week?

Could it be that so called “para-churches” are actually doing the work of being the church and what we do on Sundays is an actual para-church activity?

Defining Para-church

Para-church is something that happens alongside the church.

Defining Church

Church is all the people who gather together on Sunday for worship – whatever shape and flavor that comes in.

Para-church organizations are serving throughout the week. They use their facilities and resources day in and day out.

Churches pour inordinate amounts of money into a building that gets used less than a day, cumulative, a week.

Too Much Waste on Sunday Only Church

There is something wrong with this picture.

What if we sold all the church properties in the world and gave that money to “para-churches” to save people from sex-trafficking, to feed the homeless, the read books to the parent-less, to comfort the aged, to … to ….

I think we are spending our money, time and wasting our resources on counting heads on Sunday. We ought to be doing more to empower the folks who are in the trenches … serving.