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As a pastor, you are required to wear many hats in your church.

What if marketing is not your strength and no one on your team is able to handle this task?

Designing the perfect landing page for your church website and regularly updating your social media might be too much of an ask for your team.

Investing in the right digital marketing agency can save you money, resources and time along the way to building your church.

Finding the right digital marketing partner

Finding the right digital marketing partner

When choosing an agency, it is important to look for these three traits:

The Agency Need To Be On The Same Page As Your Church

Pick a specialist that understands your vision, is able to give you feedback in an appropriate timeframe, and cares for your outreach campaigns.

Is the digital marketing agency accountable and transparent?

Solid Communication Is Essential

Outreach operations can no longer be separated into silos. All the teams involved need to communicate and coordinate their work efforts. You should choose an agency with open lines of communication.

Can you see this agency as part of your church team?

Is The Content A Reflection Of Your Church Goals?

When you choose a digital maketing agency, you need to know that you are going to get what you actually pay for. The goal is not to gain more followers and likes on Facebook, but to have a larger interest in your church through social media.

Is the agency able to deliver content that is grounded in keyword research?

Once the ground work is complete, clearly define your expectations and needs. And get ready for a long-term collaborative partnership.