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I get it. The church is not a business.

I get it. Pastors complain when elders expect them to be and act like a CEO. Pastors are evangelists, teachers, apostle

I get it. The business world has also learned much more from the church, from Jesus than the church has learned from the business world.

Restoration Movement Pastors are Not CEOs

Digital Evangelism via Facebook Live

Digital Evangelism via Facebook Live

Jesus said in the middle of an otherwise difficult parable about a dishonest manager.

“For the people of this world are more shrewd in dealing with their own kind than are the people of the light.” Luke 16:8b.

Doesn’t it make sense that we, the church, learn from the people of this world how to deal with their own kind?

Internet Giants Hire Evangelists

Marketers at Apple and other such internet behemoths are now called evangelists. I wonder where they got that idea.

Customer service manuals could be and probably written with the Bible as reference material.

All that to say – why doesn’t the church use digital platforms for evangelistic purposes?

No, no … connecting online is not the endgame. It’s a seed sowing mechanism for the church.

Trying to navigate the muddied waters of social network and social media platforms is something churches should be doing.

Digital Tools for Evangelism is a No Brainer

If our Restoration Movement churches do not discuss how to maximize the reach of digital tools that are freely available to us, we can be sure some other church will, leaving us behind … again. Or worse yet, some self-help guru who in the end won’t make any real difference other than take someone’s money.

Using digital tools for evangelism’s sake is a no brainer.

What method did God use to ensure his Word was perpetuated? The written word.

Yet the church, rich with new and mostly original content – think weekly sermons – use the one and done method. A 20-40 minute sermon delivered to 100 – 20,000 people and its over. Rinse and repeat the following week.

Multiply Evangelistic Reach by 150

As an example of a better strategy – we had a speaker come to our group on short notice. We mustered up a whopping 6 people to turn out and hear him. Bad, bad … right?

What we also did was set up a Facebook LIVE  and stream the event to the speakers Facebook page. You can see in the image above … 964 views.

6 people became 964 people with a bit of digital evangelistic effort.

Tell me again, why wouldn’t the church do that?