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Social media is an essential tool for churches to facilitate better connections, share the gospel, and build community.

But as social media becomes increasingly less social, churches need to consider if they are falling into the trap of self-promotion instead of building connections.

Here are 2 important questions every church leader needs to consider about their social media platforms:

  1. Is The Church Focused On Outward Or Inward Goals On Social Media?

Build real relationships through social media

Addicted to social media statistics?

Statistics are a useful measuring tool. It’s not a bad idea to keep an eye on the number of visitors to your website, the likes on the Facebook page, and the number of followers on Instagram.

Statistics can turn into an addiction. It’s not a bad idea to take a break from checking the stats. Instead of becoming obsessed with how many new people have visited your website in the past week, ask your team, “How are we serving the people who are visiting the church website?”


2. How Is The Church Adding Value Through Social Media?

Adding tangible value on your social media platforms is the best way to inspire people to visit the church building for a Sunday service.

Here are some checks to see if your social media activities have an outward focus:

  • Are you simply posting content online or are you engaging with others? Are you commenting on their photos, sharing their content on your page?
  • Are you constantly checking the pictures online for affirmations and likes?
  • If you have a large platform online, how often do you leverage that community to do something meaningful and useful for the community?

The goal of social media should be to turn online relationships into real-life relationships. Avoid developing habits that focus on the online avatar more than the real-life experiences at church.