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Passing by one of the stores at the mall, I overheard a child singing this catchy children’s song:
“Let’s go shopping, Let’s go shopping, You and me.”
“To the toy store here we go! To the supermarket here we go!”
And he did it with such a passion!

It made sense since Christmas is just around the corner and more people would be singing, “Let’s go shopping!” “Let’s go shopping!”
Let’s go here and there to pick up the things we care. But whenever Jesus said, “Let’s go here or over-there” he had a meaningful purpose.

In the story of the paralytic or the story of the demon-possessed man, we find Jesus leaving the multitude and going over to the other side to heal a man.

Jesus’ mission is translated, “The Commission.”

Every Christian should be more excited about the greatest news.
It is God’s desire that all people hear the good news of Jesus because it is exactly what God wants us to do.
Jesus’ purpose on earth was not determined by some systematic theology but the love of God.
And He made it abundantly clear with His actions.


According to a survey online, more and more people are turning to online counseling because it is:
1. Easily accessible
2. More discrete
3. Less anxious

Pastor Mentoring Online

Pastor Mentoring Online

With more people online, I certainly believe God can use the Internet to bring people to Him.
According to CBN.Com, “The Web is the only medium which can target any ‘affinity group’ of people, on the basis of ethnicity, geographic location, culture, hobby, felt need or interest, anywhere in the world.”

I know there is no such a thing as a magic bullet when it comes to evangelism but online is a powerful forum to share the Gospel!

So, next time you see yourself singing at the mall, remind yourself that social media marks a new outreach strategy of great proportion!