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One of the biggest roadblock to churches jumping on the social-media-outreach bandwagon is… conservative mindsets.

The next biggest challenge?

Make your money go a long way with simple marketing strategies

Digital marketing value for your $


It’s easier to overcome the first barrier with a strategy that avoids panic in the church accounting department.

How do you leverage the massive opportunity the internet presents the church for outreach without breaking the bank?

Build An Email List

A lot of effort goes into building Instagram, Twitter accounts and Facebook pages. A single change in the privacy laws of these companies could restrict your accounts on these platforms and cause a loss of accessibility to your online followers.

Building an email list with a free provider like MailChimp is straightforward and convenient. Having your own email list gives you ownership of the subscriber list. You are no longer dependent on the whims of a third party platform.

Use Facebook Marketing

For a predetermined amount, Facebook marketing allows you to reach a specific demographic. Looking to connect with young professionals in their 20’s? No problem, publish a useful post on your website, share it on your Facebook page and market it for a minimal cost.

Share Content On A Blog

A lot of it.

The more valuable content you create, the more interest you will generate in your ministry. A simple way to do this is by sharing your sermon notes through podcast and blogs.

Work With Influencers In Your Church

Although it may feel like a free piggy-back ride, asking members who have a large following on their social media platforms is an easy way to create interest in your events.

Agree on an incentive to make it worth their time and make sure the content you ask them to promote is in line with their own content-sharing philosophies.

Don’t let budget constraints stop you from being resourceful. With a bit of effort, working on a shoe-string budget is not a disadvantage when it comes to digital marketing.