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I took a survey of 2500+ pastors and preachers, 6700+ Christian Church and Church of Christ members and 8700+ youth pastors (multi-denominational).

I asked: – What’s the church’s greatest challenge in reaching young people?

Two answers stood out above the others. After that there were a bunch of other reasons listed, some of which fit into the first 2.

2 Big Reasons Why Churches Don’t Reach Young Adults

The greatest challenge in reaching young adults:

  1. Generation gap – no willingness to change or adapt – 37%

    build strong relationships with your core team

    build strong relationships with your core team

  2. Lack of effective church strategy and follow thru – 30%

Does this mean if we (older and younger) could / would learn to talk to one another, understand one another, effect a compromise with one another … or at least express a desire to do so, we might have more older and younger adults worshiping together?

Does this mean if we actually talked and grew to accept one another we might find a strategy that works for both groups?

Finger pointing between boomers and millennials goes both ways. That being the case, shouldn’t the more mature of the two groups take the initiative to find a way to get along?

If you don’t know which group you are in – mature or immature, it’s probably the immature side.

What Churches Shouldn’t Do to Reach Young Adults

Too often churches slap something together – think put a guitar, bass, drums and a guy/gal with tattoos up front – then expect the young adults to show up.

How’s that working?

What Churches Should Do First to Reach Young Adults

There needs to be a strategy –

  • long term
  • with a commitment to see it through by both young and old.
  • that involves both boomers and millennials working together to carry it out.

The first step in the young adult growth strategy might be getting everyone in a room and:

  • talking
  • bridging the gap
  • offering to adapt on both ends

Does anybody for a moment think that Jesus didn’t see this divide between young and old coming?

There’s a solution. There always is.