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Success as a leader is due to a combination of factors.

Luck and chance as King Solomon said, happen to us all.

But somewhere in the mix are a few consistent traits every successful leader shares.

Here are 3 leadership practices that are slowly going out of fashion that are demonstrated in the Bible:

1. The Apprentice Model

Moses trained Joshua. Elijah groomed Elisha. Jesus kept Peter, James, and John closer than the rest.

Your first role as a newly appointed leader is to look around and find your replacement.

Strange? Not really.

When you move on from your current role and expand your vision, who will you trust to take your current responsibilities?

2. Add A Personal Touch To Your Communications

In our rapidly evolving world that relies on digital technologies, a personal touch makes a world of difference.

In the old days, a minister would stand at the entrance to the church and shake the hands of each member that walked in the building.

Now, churches have a welcome team, an ushering team, a volunteer to smile and say hello. Due to the logistics of a growing church (and the growing demands on leaders), the personal touch is becoming increasingly rare.

Every personal connection you make is crucial. Take the time to talk with newcomers and regulars before and after the service. It builds a greater sense of trust and loyalty to your ministry.

Teams that eat together perform better together

Eating together builds intimacy

3. Eat With Your Team

Dining together regularly with your core team at church is a surefire way to build closer relationships. Research shows that teams that eat together perform better.

The top companies in the world invest in big money to provide their employees with upscale cafeterias. Eating together builds intimacy and works as a social glue.

When teams cannot sit at the table together for a meal, there is a deeper problem in the cohesiveness of your church.