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As a church leader, the growth of your congregation is a primary concern to you. Consistent quantitative and qualitative growth is a result of a long-term strategy.

It starts with having a clear vision for your church.

After establishing the vision, most leaders put all their resolve into making the vision a reality.

It’s best not to rush things.

A slow approach brings a vision to life and allows space for your ideas to evolve. This is your best chance of building a sustainable church that continues to thrive in the long run.

Here are 2 ways to ensure your church outreach strategies online are not rushed:

Don’t Sign Up For Every New Technology

Although social media is an essential part of your church outreach strategy, picking the platforms that are right for your goals is more crucial than trying them all out.

Pick the platforms that grab your attention and appeal to you. To see results on social media, you need to build a reputation and it could take several years to gather a following that gives you influence on social media.


Occasionally snooze your online activity

It’s Okay To Take An Online Break

Sometimes, you need that afternoon nap to power through the rest of your day.

Posting online requires consistency, but sometimes, posting just for the sake of consistency is a counter-productive move. It’s okay to take a break. Otherwise, you will have traffic to your website but no readers. The lack of authenticity will show in your content.

Be open to taking a break from posting on your social media if it starts to feel forced.