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Preparing in advance to share content online is one of the best ways to ensure consistency. Planning your posts ensures that your content is ready in time to publish it.

Create an online posting calendar for your church

Create an online posting calendar for your church

Create An Online Content Calendar For Your Church

Creating content is not always easy. There are times when the mood strikes and the action follows. A simple way to get ahead is to plan a weekly schedule and schedule your posts at least a month in advance.

Planning a content calendar is a lot of work and requires collaborative effort from your team.

Let’s say you have (through analytic tools), found the best times in a week when your target audience is most likely going check their social media platforms and most likely to read your blog. You could choose to post on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings, for instance. Sticking to this schedule will ensure your posts are not too close to each other and creates an expectancy from your audience.

You can always post an extra update on Friday for a worship night, or a Monday to share stories from the Christmas carols night.

Just keep in mind that this schedule is a general rule of thumb. Occasionally, you might find yourself snoozing on your social media posts… and this is okay, as long as your break is not over a few weeks long.

Through trial and error, you will work out the best times to share your content to get maximum engagement from your social media followers.

Tomorrow, you will read on this blog about how to create a content calendar in 3 simple steps.