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An effective online outreach strategy for your church rests on the quality of the content published online.

Now that we have established the importance of creating a posting calendar for your church and scheduling the posts, let’s get on with the how

Here are 3 simple steps to build a content calendar for your church:

  1. Pick The Topics Suited To Your Target Audience

You might have several types of audiences in various age groups accessing your content.

Are you focused on providing weekly updates and notes for your current members? Is your focus on inviting newcomers to your church?

It is important to sit with your team and define your audience types. It is likely your content strategy is focused on outreach, but your content needs to be balanced to keep the interest of your current members too.

2. Start A Repository With Existing Content

Old sermon notes? Church event photographs? Video clips that have never been used?

These are all great fodder for future posts on your social media platforms and blogs.

It’s not necessary to produce all new content. Use previously unused content that is lying around waiting for a quick edit and publish.

Create an online posting calendar for your church

Create an online posting calendar for your church

3. When Should You Schedule, Publish And Promote Your Content?

Regular meetings with your team are required to set a realistic time frame for publishing your posts. Use these meetings to review the engagement, best time to post, and the lead-generation for posts on the church’s online platforms.

Use these analytics to tweak your existing content (changing titles, links to other posts).

Create an excel sheet with topcis, dates, and links to your saved files from the repository. This content calendar gives you a bird’s eye view of what’s coming up in your church and helps you stay on top of your content strategy.