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Social Media is about building networks and connections. Leaving out the personal touch can make it all about business and less… social.

As a church leader, you can focus on the administrative aspects of building a social media following by sharing values and beliefs, current news, and upcoming events at church.

But your followers and audience will want to see the actual person behind the organization.

Posting too much about your church can turn down the interest from your followers. Showing your personality adds a personal touch to your church’s online presence.

How do you achieve that without making the church’s social media all about you?


Share personal stories to connect with your audience

Share Your Interests Outside Church

What’s your favorite hobby? What book are you reading now that is impacting your worldview?

Any information that would help others can be shared through your personal perspective. You could also recommend other articles and accounts that you follow that add value to your life.

A Regular Day In The Life Of A Church Leader

Your audience is likely interested in what happens behind the scenes. Share information on the actitives and planning required to pull off a major event. You could even share your typical day and how you manage to stay on top of your to-do list.

Collaborate With Other Church Leaders

Don’t be the person that only talks about their church and their lives.

Social media is about other people. These online platforms are great to build traction with other church and ministry leaders. Link with their account and participate in their discussions.

It adds value to your followers and increases awareness of your church, while helping you build better connections with other leaders in your area of influence.