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I wish I were smart enough to say I planned this poll for this season. I am not. It’s a coincidence. Christmas and the holiday season do tend to bring on the blues, however.

Old versus Young Depression

I happened upon a news blurb about a preacher who committed suicide due to depression. That prompted me to ask the question in a survey of 2500+ Restoration Movement pastors and preachers and 6700+ members of the Christian Churches and Churches of Christ.

Just for fun, I compared the results of another survey (same question) I took of 8700+ youth pastors. Somehow I thought young people would respond differently. They did. But not by very much.

I asked – “Have you or do you know a pastor/preacher friend who has for a season (a few days or longer) been incapacitated because they were depressed?”th

Restoration Movement Pastors Get Depressed

Youth Pastors Get Depressed,

I understand Restoration Movement pastors and preachers better than I understand the same group from other denominations.

I’d hoped that we would get less bitten by the bug.

We do. At least not by much.

Young People Admit More to Getting Depressed

The young people (youth pastors) admit to themselves or knowing someone who has been so depressed they became incapacitated for a few days or long by a whopping 90%!

It makes you wonder about the people who don’t get depressed or even know anyone who is/has.

Restoration Movement Pastors Get Depressed, too

Restoration Movement pastors admitted to knowing someone or themselves being depressed at 81% of respondents.

I don’t think I get depressed. It might be the upbringing I had. My dad went through depression, however – the Great Depression. That’s different.

I have friends I know of who get depressed, so much so, they need medication.  But I don’t know any preachers or pastors who became so depressed they couldn’t function.

Where’s the Ministry to Depressed Pastors/Preachers?

There is a ministry here for someone. 80-90%! That’s a lot of people who lean on God heavily and have others lean on them.

Do you get depressed?