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I am a mother, and I know that there are many other mothers in my generation (millennials 20-35 years old).

#1 Church Practice to Reach Millennial Families

When asked what the church could do to reach me and others in my generation, without hesitation I would say childcare.

Events for Children at Church attract Millennials with families

Events for Children at Church

I long for community and opportunities to grow in my faith and walk with the Lord.

Sundays are easy because childcare is a given. I can drop my child off knowing they will be taken care of while I get some time to worship and solely focus.

I am thankful for Sundays, but I also know I need more than my once a week fill-up.

Childcare for Millennial Families Mid-week, too

Churches provide many opportunities to:

  • serve
  • volunteer
  • get connected

The one thing that keeps me from being able to do such things is childcare.

There are churches that have childcare down to a tee while others struggle with it.

Positively Impact Millennial Families

From personal experience, churches that had childcare reached out to me in a way where I was positively impacted.

I was able to take advantage of opportunities to:

  • be in bible studies
  • volunteer
  • get connected in various groups
  • overall feel like a member of the body

This was a season in my life where I grew in my faith.

Negatively Impact Millennial Families

On the other hand, I have been in a church where childcare was hard to come by, expensive, and unreliable.

Because of this, I missed out on many opportunities and saw a direct hit in my personal spiritual formation and community with other believers.

So, without a doubt, I can say that childcare within a church is a great way to reach out to my generation.

Does your church provide childcare beyond Sunday mornings?

Provide more events for children throughout the week, and reach more millennials.