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If you need a new slogan for your social media updates, how about recycle, reuse, reduce?

Developing new content requires creativity, patience, and lots of time. As a church leader, you need all three resources to be directed into more pressing matters.

Your efforts online are important and cannot be neglected.

When the inspiration to create new content is lacking, why not access your old content and repurpose it

You can use the same ideas and life-changing content you published in the past to reach a new audience across various mediums.

Reuse and republish old content

Reuse and republish old content

Share Your Content Across Various Platforms

LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are just some of the social media networks that you can share your church content on. All these platforms serve various demographics and offer different features.

Repurpose your content to match the preferences of each social media audience.

An informative article on LinkedIn can be converted into an image for Facebook and Instagram, an infographic for Pinterest, and sliced into several impactful tweets.

Update Old Church Content For Newer Online Audiences

Republishing an updated article, or sharing an old article for the sake of newer audiences serves a two-fold purpose:

1. You can update the article with new information, or a new perspective.

2. It gives your new readers a chance to access some of your best and most popular material from the past.

Repurposing old content will give you a chance to stay on top of your content calendar and allow you to promote your church on several mediums at the same time.