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Anybody can start a social media account for their church. Having an online presence for your ministry is easy.

Having an online influence… now that’s the tough part.

Despite the steady increase in followers, many churches find that there is no tangible change to their operations. To have sway over your social media followers, to persuade them to make healthy decisions that are life changing… that takes influence.

Have influence over your followers

Leadership is influence!

Here are 3 tips to give people reason to see you as an influencer:

1. Create Influence Outside Social Media

You need to make a mark off your church social media accounts. You can only be influential on social media if you influence off these channels also has social impact.

Grow your church using traditional methods too, have a core team that is healthy and tight-knit. Write for Church publications, be visible and engaging at public events. Speak at events organized by other churches.

2. Create Amazing Content

Your content needs to stand out. Blow people away with well-written and insightful posts that are helpful.

There are no shortcuts.

You will notice that the people who have influence are the ones who really make their mark get people to listen to them. Mediocrity is not an option, they never simply publish bad posts because they are busy.

3. Share Your Wins

What makes your ministry special? A certain amount of convincing and social proof is required. If your worship team has just won an award for a song they wrote, or you have just written a book that has exceeded your publisher’s expectations… make it known to your audience.

Read more about being an online influencer in Part 2 of this post. To be published tomorrow…